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In 2007 Empa Structures clinched a Fulton award for the construction of the Bosmansdam road pedestrian bridge and today boasts substantial new contracts, cementing it's place in the civil engineering industry. The company was established in 2000 as a result of a management buy-out of the structures operating arm of an established civil engineering contractor in Cape Town. All the existing staff was absorbed into the new entity, forming a strong and experienced workforce.
The company offers expertise over the entire spectrum of civil engineering construction with itís main focus on construction of water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, reservoirs and bridges.

We are currently situated at Durbanville Industrial Park where we have offices and yard facilities.

Empa Structures is also 75% black owned, has a 7CE PE cidb rating and is a member of Trade World Sourcing Solutions. Reg: VBQ5SU5TRW as well as the Concrete Society of South Africa.
Empa Structures

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Tel: 021 979 1129 20 Pastorale Street
Durbanville Industrial Park
Fax: 021 979 1139
Email: info@empa.co.za